5 Killer Way to Increase Your Traffic on Website and Blog
10 February

5 Killer Way to Increase Your Traffic on Website and Blog

Create Viral Content:- Content creator strategy and execute with attention to the details. To a large extent, the quality of the work that you do will determine how far your content gets shared.

    • Positive content is more viral than negative content.
    • Content that evoked high arousal emotions
    • Practically useful content get’s shared.

Improve your blog’s SEO:-A blogger need to know at least the basic of SEO.The phrase content is king is one of the widest spread internet memes being used by so many bloggers with the idea that you should focus on having quality content.

    • Define the keyword.( Long-tail keyword domination)
    • Use the keyword in the post title.
    • Use the keyword in H2 tags.
    • Use the keyword in the text.
    • Publish Posts with 300 words or more.

Email traffic generation:- Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of directly communicating with your readership. After building an email list and selecting tools with which you can work, you can begin working on the process of creating an email marketing campaign.

    • Filter you database
    • Content optimized,Images
    • Encourage social sharing
    • Hook ‘em with the subject line
    • Design RSS feeds for your blog
    • Create clear Call to Actions

Use Twitter to promote your blog:- Driving traffic to your blog is about as essential to your blogging success as your writing itself. . Tweeting about your blog can be an incredible way to reach out and connect with your consumer. With over 500 million users, you can find lots of new readers through tweeting too.

    • Tweet each blog post three to four times the day it’s published
    • Break blog posts into tweetable chunks.
    • Pre-format tweets for reader use.
    • Add optimal hashtags to extend reach.
    • Use a scheduling tool to publish your tweets.
    • Thank people for sharing your blog posts
    • Participate in relevant Twitter chats.

Use Pinterest to promote your blog too:- When you use Pinterest to promote your blog, you need to include pictures on your blog. A great way to get more Pinterest followers is by following others with this strategy in mind.

    • Create a Blog Board. Create a Board on Pinterest specifically for your blog articles. …
    • Create Lifestyle Related Boards. …
    • Images, Images, Images. …
    • Engage on Pinterest. …
    • Make Your Blog Post Pins Easy to Find. …
    • Make a Contest Board. …
    • Feature your Blog Writers. …
    • Include a “Pin it” Button on Your Blog

In Conclusion

Writing guest posts is a great way to gain exposure, but accepting guest posts on your blog is also a great way to get more exposure. Not only will you get more traffic from the guest posts, but that additional traffic will give your existing blog posts an edge on search engines.

You also get to learn new things from your blog which I personally find to be very cool.

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